Once upon a time there was a boy named Ant and he was in a band called Why?. There was a time there when a festival wasn't without a Why? appearance and a Why? T-Shirt was THE essential to be clothed in.

Then Ant left the band, no musical differences, no arguments, just a feeling that he had done his time

Time passed and after a short break and a cup of coffee and a kitkat Ant got to thinking

He got to thinking that maybe he could do some more music, maybe he could try something else. He started to talk to people about recording again, about writing songs. Take it slowly they said, enjoy the experience, play a little see what happens

... and this is what Ant did ... he wrote a few songs ... he tinkered ... plonked ... fiddled ... and then he called some friends and asked them out to play

and after some hard work and a lot of brow furrowing and lots of coffee and sometimes some very late nights way past his bedtime he had recorded some new songs.

Ant found a little record label called Dubious Recordings and asked them if they would listen to his new songs ... they did and they liked them ...


and if you would like to hear Ant's new songs you can buy them here

and here are some pictures of Ant and his ep

he hopes you like it muffin & flapjack did