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9th July 2007: reviews, reviews, and... oh yeah, he got married

There are five new reviews, from Americana UK, Room Thirteen, Penny Black music, Rock n Reel magazine and Netrhythms. Links to all of them are on the reviews page.

Andy got married in April 2007 in Australia to the fantastic Eugenie Harvey. There are about a million wedding photos on his personal home page. Doesn't he look happy!

Tim Eveleigh

30th November 2006: gigs, gigs, links and full review online

Andy's gig at The Bedford has been rescheduled for the 31st January, and in the meantime he will be playing at The Betsey Trotwood in Balham on 5th December and The Boathouse in Cambridge on 12th January. More details on the gigs page.

The links page is gradually growing and will need splitting into categories soon. We've created lots of profiles for Andy on music websites. If you have time to look at these and play a couple of the songs to help the stats grow please do. We'd be very grateful.

We've been given permission to reprduce the full review from Maverick Magazine on this website. More details on the new reviews page.

Tim Eveleigh

14th September 2006: gig and reviews

Andy has been asked to play again at The Bedford in Balham on Wednesday 8th November. More details on the gigs page.

Sunflower Girl received a five star review in July's issue of Maverick Magazine. It has also been reviewed by the Fyfeopedia website and Andy's performance at Greenbelt in August 2006 has been reviewed by Cross Rhythms. More details on the new reviews page.

Tim Eveleigh

14th June 2006: gig, review, links, iTunes, myspace, life, the universe and everything...

GIG: Andy will be playing at Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham on Sunday 27th August in the Winged Ox bar. More details on the gigs page.

REVIEW: Andy's gig in Bishop's Stortford was reviewed in the local press. More details on the new reviews page.

LINKS: Links to Andy's songs on iTunes and his myspace profile have been added. You can find them on the links page.

iTunes and myspace: I've also added the iTunes and myspace links to the menu across the top of the site.

Tim Eveleigh

26th June 2006: another Andy gig

Andy has been booked again to play in Norwich.

Here is the link to the websites promoting this show...
Black Cat Music

Full details of all the gigs are on the gigs page.

Tim Eveleigh

23rd June 2006: some Andy gigs

Andy has been booked to play a couple more gigs, one in Bishop's Stordford and one in London.

Here are links to the websites promoting these shows...
Cluzion Music
The Bedford.

Full details of both gigs are on the gigs page.

Tim Eveleigh

31st March 2006: Andy in the papers

Andy appears in this weeks edition of his local paper, the Stanstead Observer.

Here's a link to the online version of the article: Stanstead Observer. If you live in the area, or are lucky enough to subscribe to the Observer, you can see a lovely photo of Andy in the print edition of the paper.

Tim Eveleigh

14th March 2006: Official launch of 'Sunflower Girl'

We will be officially launching the new CD, 'Sunflower Girl', at the Half Moon in Bishop's Storford on the 8th April.

Tickets for this gig are 5 and you can buy them online from EIS Ltd.

Support will be provided by Mozzy Green. We're looking forward to it, and we hope to see you there.

Tim Eveleigh

23rd December 2005: Andy's thoughts about the songs on 'Sunflower Girl'

Andy has written a few lines (or in some cases, a few words) about each of the songs on the new CD.

You can read them on the 'Sunflower Girl' page of this website.

Tim Eveleigh

23rd December 2005: 'The Things You Never Say' on iTunes

Andy's second CD, 'The Things You Never Say' is now available on iTunes, and many other online music stores.

Tim Eveleigh

21st December 2005: Sunflower Girl

Andy's new CD is Sunflower Girl. This is a remixed and altered version of the shortly lived 'The Healing Darkness'.

The songs have been remixed by Rafe McKenna and we believe that the new version of this CD is a significant improvement from its inital release.

Extracts from each song are available for downloading from the 'Sunflower Girl' page and you can buy the new CD from Sounds Good's online shop.

If you have bought 'The Healing Darkness' and would like to have it replaced by 'Sunflower Girl' then please read the instructions on the Sounds Good page to find out how to do this.

I hope you like it!

Tim Eveleigh

2nd September 2005: The Healing Darkness

The Healing Darkness has been temporarily withdrawn from sale while we make some changes.

Apologies if you were about to buy it. More news will follow shortly.

Tim Eveleigh

23rd August 2005: The Healing Darkness

Andy's new CD is called The Healing Darkness and is available now from the shop page.

More detailed information about it, including the running order, the people who helped create it, Andy's thoughts on the songs will appear on this website over the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoy it.

Tim Eveleigh

22nd July 2005: The Restless Horizon at Greenbelt Festival

Andy will be hosting two Restless Horizon shows at Greenbelt Festival at the end of August.

Andy's guests will be Iain Archer on Satuday and Juliet Turner on Monday.

Support will be provided by Roger Davies on Satuday and Cara Winter on Monday.

Further details on the gigs page.

Tim Eveleigh

22nd July 2005: New album on the horizon

Andy is working hard on the new album. The songs that you may have heard in the first half of this year are coming together in the studio.

Some more details about which songs are likely to appear and who Andy has been working with on the album will appear on this site shortly, along with details of a launch gig, autumn dates and how to get hold of the new album.

Tim Eveleigh

5th April 2005: Late Late Show in Central London

Andy will be playing at the Late Late Trade Justice Show at St Martin's-in-the-Fields Church in Trafalgar Square at Midnight on 15th/16th April.

This show is part of the Wake Up To Trade Justice event taking place in Westminster and Whitehall from 10pm - 8am.

Further details on the gigs page.

Tim Eveleigh

3rd April 2005: Islington next week

Andy will be the showcase act at the launch of the Acoustic Club's London debut on the 10th April.

The Acoustic Club is a long-running fixture in Bishop's Stortford that Andy goes to on a regular basis. They have been invited to start an evening in London and this is the first one. Venue details are on the gigs page.

Update: The cost is 4.

Tim Eveleigh

4th March 2005: Goin' up north

Andy will be continuing to host the successful Restless Horizon series with the first out-of-London show in Sheffield on the 1st June.

Roger Davies will be Andy's main guest and support will come from Tim Eveleigh.

Tickets for are available now from EIS Ltd.

Tim Eveleigh

19th February 2005:
Second Restless Horizon sells out.

The second of the shows that Andy is hosting at The Restless Horizon has sold out.

Tickets for the third show, with Trombone Poetry supporting and Boo Hewerdine as the main guest are available now from EIS Ltd.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Tim Eveleigh

18th January 2005:
Andy is support for Cara Winter's album launch

Andy is delighted that he has been asked to support Cara Winter at the launch of her debut album, 'butterfly'.

The launch is at High Barn in North Essex on 11th February.

Further details are on the gigs page.

Tim Eveleigh

10th January 2005:
Andy has been playlisted on internet radio

The Acoustic Stage, a new internet radio station that aims to broadcast 'the best in English & Celtic folk, old & new singer-songwriters, and much more' has playlisted Andy's music from this week.

The Acoustic Stage broadcasts an eclectic mix 24 hours a day, and no adverts. Have a listen (and tell me if you hear Andy!)

Tim Eveleigh

31st December 2004:
Download MP3s of the EP

I've uploaded MP3 files for each of the 4 songs on the EP

You can download these and from the listen page.

Tim Eveleigh

31st December 2004:
A new website for the new year

I've finally re-designed the website. It really was rubbish before.

I hope you like this new look and that you can find your way around the site easily. If you have time to send me your comments and suggestions please use our form to send your feedback.

Tim Eveleigh

30th December 2004:
Gigs on the horizon

Andy is going to host a series of monthly gigs at The Troubadour in 2005 under the heading of The Restless Horizon.

The first 3 have been booked and we are incredibly excited to tell you that Iain Archer, Ricky Ross and Boo Hewerdine have agreed to join us during January, February and March respectively.

More details are at The Restless Horizon website and on the gigs page of this site. Oh, and sorry about the pun in the headline.

Tim Eveleigh

Thu 13 Mar 08
Bush Hall

"makes and instant connection"
Rock n Reel

"wonderfully mature intelligent songs"

"an oustanding collection of mature pop songs"
Penny Black

"in 'That Girl' Thornton has written an instant classic"
Penny Black
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